Last updated May 2016

I am an experienced Ruby developer with experience developing web services in Ruby on Rails as a freelancer and want more commercial experience. I have a very quick sense of learning, open to learning, always a fool, hungry and flourish in a challenging environment. I have 6 years Rails development experience mainly small to medium sized projects. Before I found Ruby and the community I was a PHP and Web designer.

I have an obsession with clean documented code, am detail oriented, love to test, ship and reiterate. I have a preference for open-source tools and progressive software design patterns and writing maintainable code.

I love like Rails, it makes work, collaboration, testing, moving forward or rolling back not just possible but easier in controlled environments. I am a firm believer in the Rails Manifesto - Conventional over Configuration and DRY (don’t unnecessarily repeat yourself).


iLinkoln 2009-2015 Founder/Organiser, is a community I founded and still organise for creative people to engage with other professionals in a quest to bridge the old traditional mentality in my city.

The blog is where I post about things I find interesting about Lincoln tech community, business community and developer traps. It is written in Rails 2.8.7 and runs on Heroku.

iLinkoln Meetup Group is a group that meets every fortnight for web and digital media professionals. The main aim is to ignite collaboration and partnership, to bring together local talented business movers, web and social media technologists in Lincoln. I founded in August 2009 to compensate for traveling to WRUG in Birmingham and LRUG in Leeds every fortnight to meet other developers for drinks and a chat.

In 2011 I organised the first ever Lincoln hack-day event, it was amazing to pull off such an event.

For 2 years I organised the London Last Thursday Drinks, London KohanaPHP Meetup on and I attend many conferences and hack-day events in Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Cambridge and London.

Tech training

I run local training courses for Ruby, Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SEO for Search Engines and Wordpress.