This question came up today in the most friendly job interview I have ever had. I was tired after a long day of walking around London and Cambridge running from one job interview to another.

I am personally drawn towards small teams with a kinda achievable goal and a simple structure. Because in the end a simple structure is easier to get a message from point A to B without losing the translation. And they kinda tend to simplify problems/solutions.

So i sat across from this guy that I will call Matteo. Matteo is not a fictional person, but we will use this name because it’s a nice name. We had a nice chat about technologies and a very lighthearted interview. Then Matteo asked me the most dreaded question. Look, am a Ruby developer. I also do Objective-C and I like using toolchains that are helping simplify work. I mean, there is thousands of Ruby developers who came to like the language because of Rails. And for the same reason, I picked up Objective-C because of a toolchain called RubyMotion.

So am sat there thinking. Why that question. I am supposed to say I love Ruby no? But thats not what I said. I love HTML. Thats it. HTML is my favourite language. Everything else works because of HTML. Thats all you see when you look at a browser. You can get a very bad rep about your website. You can optimise every other language. You can even generate HTML from other programming languages. See, without HTML the Web As A Platform would not exist. And the future of a unified world would be far from a dream.

So yes! Everything I do on the web and internet is inspired by that first time that I opened an html file to see what it looked like. Hell, I even put my architect career aside to pursue the web technology

I AM IN LOVE WITH HTML and HTML5 API’s fills my heart with JOY. Can you hear the drumbeat that beats within?