Swara is our Mobile Card Payment app. Currently its used mostly by taxi drivers taking payments for taxi fairs.

It is growing steadily and we are looking to make a few features available once the Android version is released.

Meanwhile, on launch day. I realised that running everything of the mobile app was not a sustainable idea. This was fine as long as it was running on my phone. But when it was released on the App Store, I quickly realised how that was a bad idea.

So I built quickly a Sinatra app and deployed on a small AWS server. During the night the app was downloaded 150 times. The AWS deploy started looking inadequate. I quickly rolled out Hanami and started doing things properly.

This is the first experience with Hanami in a somewhat serious app. I like that I can extend and grow the app using Hanami. This is great framework.

Thanks Luca Guidi.